Frac Ball

Our company has developed and manufactures a high-strength plastic material based on polybenzimidazole (PBI) with special additives.The material and the manufacturing technology are the company's know-how.PBI is the best engineering thermoplastic up to date. A set of unique characteristics enables use of PBI in conditions where other plastic materials are not applicable.

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  • PBI and Peek for Frac ball

    Each ball is smaller than the opening of all of the previous sleeves, but larger than the sleeve it is intended to open.

  • Frac ball for Bearing wall sealing pressure MOSINTER

    Typically, the material selected is based upon the operators' experience and the chemistry and temperatures within the well.

  • Frac balls for oil exploitation PBI MOSINTER

    The main advantage of this completion technique is the speed of operation (by activating multiple fractures with a single completion string.

  • Frac Ball PBI and PEEK MOSINTER

    Frac-balls may be made of various materials, including G-10 (or other related phenolics), Torlon, PEEK, and other high-temperature thermosets

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